Pure tailored energy is the only way we can describe the newly opened Toronto Suitsupply. The Dutch based retailer open its doors last night to a packed store full of impeccably dressed men, beautiful women and some of the best suits we’ve seen in a while. The store is slick, it’s a beautiful mix of graphic wallpaper, sleek fixtures, mirrors and mannequins that are so well styled they make you jealous.

While the store could be one of the coolest men’s suiting stores in the city, we were really happy to see up and close that the quality is there in Suitsupply’s garments. In this case, the quality does not match the price – it surpasses it.

While most men will be able to find something that they like in store, this store is perfect for the guy that has matured out of his “first’ job suit but isn’t at that executive suit level either. While your door may not say CEO, you’ll certainly look like it.

Located at 9-11 Hazelton Avenue Toronto In Yorkville. 

About Suitsupply from their website: 

Suitsupply is a market defining brand showing strong international growth.

We are pioneers at everything we do, and we work hard to keep it that way. Our pioneering spirit generates a contagious energy, which is what enables us to keep putting new ideas into practice.

Our strength lies in our formula: straight, to the point and still personal. Fast and effective. Combining craftsmanship with flair.

There are few things that distract us. This approach enables us to create an environment in which our customers feel that we only have eyes for them. We are there for people who want to be seen.

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