Our good friends at Sully Wong are back at it again with their latest sneaker endeavour. The popular Toronto-based brand has just released two new silhouettes that now become the duo’s sixth instalment in their most popular series, the SWJ HI. Dubbed the SW MICRO LOW and the SWJ 6 MICRO MID, the new kicks will be available in several colours. The LOW will be available in Crimson Red, White, Black, and Deep Orange and Sharks Fin Grey and will retail for $140.00. The SWJ 6 MICRO MID will be available in 5 colours as well, black, sharks fin grey, deep orange and white/grey, and a black/grey combination and will hit stores with a retail cost of $160.00.

The newest additions to the Sully Wong family will be crafted out of high-quality microfiber leather, making the shoes not only durable but more sustainable as well. It’s always nice when you can look good and take care of the planet while you’re at it.

Microfiber leather is synthetic leather where high-grade polyurethane resin and ultra fine microfiber bundles are combined together to mimic the microscopic structure of leather. The technique used to produce microfiber leather gives the end product a similar amino structure as genuine leather. Microfiber leather is a relatively new technology in the market that has only recently been incorporated into furniture.

We consider Sully Wong founders George Sully and Henry Wong close company friends and are proud to see the progression of the Sully Wong brand. From start to now, the brand has always taken a step in the right direction, continually evolving their product and never reaching a level of satisfaction until the envelope has been pushed to create something better. While the original SWJ Shoe was a great start, the new SW MICRO LOW and the SWJ 6 MICRO MID prove the brand has stepped into a new arena and can now contend with the top streetwear inspired footwear brands on the planet.

Check out their newest lookbook and visit the Sully Wong online shop stay tuned for the release date of the new SW MICRO LOW and the SWJ 6 MICRO MID.

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