It seems as if everyone has been picking on Target Canada lately, but they’ve been fighting back to try and win the hearts of Canadians. While analysts have urged the American retail conglomerate to leave before they run out of money, Target has come back with a new trick up their sleeve. CBC reports that as of July 29, 2014, Target Canada will offer price-matching guarantees – matching any grocery price in the local area, plus a few select retailers including,,,,,,, and

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All you have to do to have your price matched is present a flyer from a local grocery store or the list of select retailers. The price-match will also apply to online offers if shown on a mobile device or printed out. The only issue we see with the price-matching of groceries, is that many Target stores in Canada don’t carry a full range of groceries and focus mainly on non-perishable goods. Their efforts, however, have come at the perfect time as back to school season is coming up and typically rakes in $72 billion a year. We’re sure that Canadian families will be happy with the new offer, taking advantage of price-matching on electronics, homewares, and school supplies. Hopefully their new price-matching guarantee will drive down the cost of groceries and other goods.

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Do you think Target Canada will win back Canadian customers with their new price-match guarantee?

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