Whoa! We’re pretty impressed with Target Canada‘s devotion to keeping Canadian customers engaged. If you’ve been keeping up with retail news, you’ll know that Canadians have not been impressed with the American retailer’s launch into Canada – so much, that Target lost close to 1 billion dollars on their expansion and rumours of them shutting down have been swirling. In an effort of crisis management, Target Canada released a surprising video last week. The video features Target employees – those that work in head office and in stores – calling out their issues and expressing keen interest in improving. While we can’t speak for the other 20,000 employees at Target Canada, the ones in the video seem genuinely interested in making a change in customer service and experience. We’re interested in seeing if Target Canada will stick to their word and improve practices. Check out the video above.

Target Canada's Apology

What do you think about Target Canada’s apology? Do you accept?

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