As we all know, Target has closed down all Canadian stores. This has left a big whole in many communities, and has left many employees of the retail giant thinking of what to do next. While many employees have voiced their discontent with Target, some employees are giving the retailer a somewhat sad musical send off.

After a video appeared the other day of Target Employees singing “Closing Time” by Semisonic walking around and empty store in Vancouver, we decided to track down the creators Facebook page and get the full scoop.

Here’s what Evan Hobein posted on his page with the accompanying video. Currently the video has over 90,000 views and continues to grow.

“Our final day was closing in, we were discussing how to close out the store and had no ideas. We decided that we would play the song “Closing Time” by Semisonic over the P.A system, but Kyle decided to take it one step further and taught himself how to play it on the guitar. We were discussing it again a few days later and he mentioned that he had his guitar in his car and had learned the song. So we printed off the lyrics (that Liam M didn’t even know 20 minutes prior to recording this) and began putting the pieces together, with this being our result.

In one take, and no practice, we took to our make shift instruments. I sat and played a shopping basket with two plastic hangers, Liam M grabbed a hanger bar to use as a faux-mic, and Eric mounted up his camera and masterfully filmed and edited this bad boy. With Brady and Liam K (Skipper) pulling us along, we poured our heart into our final goodbye through song, to a job we loved, and a building that contains so many great memories!”


You can watch the video here through Evan’s Facebook Page:


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