Earlier this week we reported that Canadian deal websites, TeamBuy.ca and DealFind.ca, had filed for bankruptcy at the end of August 2014. In response, someone (who we can only assume works with the TeamBuy.ca and DealFind.ca) came forward with the following statement: 

As part of the legal restructuring, an Acquisition proposal is in final stages of review and approval by the courts. They expect the acquisition to be finalized in the next 10 days or so. In the interim, restrictions exist around operations, and include a freeze on liabilities before the filing date (Aug 29), which the courts are mandating as part of this process.

They are still operating and have live deals on their site because the courts are also mandating that they honor and promptly pay any and all merchants for all sales made after the restructure proposal filing (must operate business as usual, with no new liabilities). In the event that a merchant is making clear they will not honor any vouchers or ship any products (because they are upset about the pre-filing date owing balances), TeamBuy/Dealfind is taking these deals down promptly and logistics are being sorted.

The anonymous commenter claims that the website coupons will be honoured and merchants will be reimbursed after the acquisition. However, a number of merchants who have dealt with the deal websites came forward to CJAD with horror stories of upset customers, lost money and clients. The merchants weren’t the only ones disappointed with former heavy-weight champions of Canadian deal websites – many of you have come forward with new and old stories of undelivered products, ruined businesses, and oversold coupons. 

Check out some of the TeamBuy.ca and DealFind.ca stories below: 

“Dealfind oversold a local housekeeper’s deal for two hours of cleaning. They sold over 1000 deals and basically ruined her business. They had agreed on (excuse me if I have this number wrong, it was a few yrs back) selling 50. I managed to get my refund, but many did not. Their Facebook page lit up with complaints.” – anarchyreigns

I can attest to this, they screwed our company out of several hundred dollars by not paying us our fair share.” – The_Red_Rocket

“I got screwed by them a few years ago. They let some spa sell, literally 2000 $19 vouchers. What would that get you? Total waxing from the waist down…for $19!!! Suffice to say, the spa couldn’t keep up and ended up closing. So, since then, I would always call the businesses directly if I wanted the deal. They’d get the full amount and I would be guaranteed to actually get the product/service. AND they were fretful every single time.” – buildinglives

“I’d ordered Gillette razor blades for my husband off Teambuy… months later, they hadn’t arrived. I demanded a refund. Here are some Teambuy Bucks, they said! Not good enough. I held out for the return of my money. I finally got it – then the blades arrived. From China. That would explain the delay…” – Shalamarr

“I got screwed by teambuy 3 years ago” – primo86

“I’m so glad to see this. I bought a coupon for pro photography a while ago and was looking into redeeming it this year. Turns out that the photographer was charged for sexual assault! I emailed Dealfind for a refund, who replied with a $5 coupon. My original coupon was $75!” – Sangita T. 

“I’ve had issues with them in the past….not receiving purchased items and to get a refund always resulted in filing a dispute with my bank and filing a complaint with BBB.” – Bernice L. 

Do you have another TeamBuy.ca or Dealfind.ca horror story? Share it below! 

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