By Vicky Applebaum

Retail Category Consultants tested Loblaws‘ click-and-collect pilot program, which gives shoppers the ability to collect, or pick up, online orders in stores. If executed properly, the click-and-collect model benefits both retailers and consumers in significant ways.

The process appears to be modelled after Tesco’s program in the UK, with a few differences:

  • There was a fee for Loblaws’ click-and-collect service. From a business standpoint, Loblaws obviously has to cover the incremental labour costs for picking, packing and processing, but as a consumer, we expected that if we were going to “do the work” and pick up our order, there would be no fee.
  • Loblaws has a minimum order requirement. Tesco does not charge a fee if the order exceeds £25 (or approximately $45CDN), while Loblaws has a minimum order requirement of $50CDN and fees range from $3 to $5, depending on the pick-up window that is selected. Loblaws refers to this as a “convenience fee” on the customer receipt.

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