It’s hard to deny that most of us dream about living in a world of luxury, where we all have disposable incomes to dress how we want and buy what we want. We’ve all flipped through our favourite magazines and dreamt about the designer goodies we see in them. Fashion magazines like Vogue and InStyle subconsciously guide our guilty pleasure for luxury goods but have you ever actually contemplated how much everything would cost if you bought the things you saw and loved?

The Huffington Post recently examined eight September 2013 issues and tallied the average cost of every shopping feature. They then totalled all of the items and the results were surprisingly and yet not so surprisingly high. Cosmpolitan Magazine ended up being the most realistic in terms of what the average working woman can afford and Lucky Magazine came in second. Although Vogue had the highest average cost of items at $4375, Harper’s Bazaar had the highest total cost of items. Check out the statistics below.


I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us can’t afford to buy everything we see in the magazines we read, but then the question of who actually does buy the items featured rises. Do you these features actually work in promoting brands and increasing sales? Or do they just stick in our head for sartorial inspiration?

Source: Huffington Post 

Image source: Luxuo

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