The Best Spotlights of 2013

We had quite the year over here at SD. With a new format and website in the works, we are expecting 2014 to be a big year. One of our favourite blogging tasks is spotlighting up and coming and established Canadians in the fashion industry. Here’ some of our favourite spotlights from 2013…

We had quite the year over here at SD. With a new format and website in the works, we are expecting 2014 to be a big year. One of our favourite blogging tasks is spotlighting up and coming and established Canadians in the fashion industry. Here’ some of our favourite spotlights from 2013.

Ewing Athletics: 


The 1980?s gave birth to so many iconic fashion statements, that it’s impossible to list them all. One of our favourites trends that has managed to last thirty plus years, and has paved the way for hundreds of subsequent brands is the signature basketball shoe.

Although initially released for athletic use, it’s hard to argue that the basketball shoe has not worked it’s way up to the level of a fashion staple in  the every day man’s wardrobe. Over the years, literally hundreds of professional athletes have had their own signature shoe from various athletic brands. In 1989 NBA All- Start Centre/ Power Forward Patrick Ewing took it one step further, becoming the first professional basketball player to have his own shoe company- Ewing Athletics. Read More

George Sully from Sully Wong


A man of my own aspirations, George Sully has been straight killing it lately. He co-owns multiple enterprises has established multiple successful businesses and has received accolades for his work worldwide. From his footwear/bag line, Sully Wong, to his quarterly published magazine, TCHAD, and his extensivephilanthropic work, Mr. Sully has left his stamp on several of Toronto’s most creative projects.

The StyleDemocracy team had an opportunity to catch up with Sully to get an up close look at what’s in store for the future, and to chat a little about the road he took to get there… Read More

Sean Brow and Sid Singh from Needs/ Wants 

needs & wants-SEAN ad_2-600 pg

Toronto-based designer, Sean Brown, has had the kind of year many upcoming designers only dream of. Since September 2013- Brown was voted by Toronto Life as one of Toronto’s Best Dressed in 2013 and has had his outerwear brand, Needs/W A N T S, featured in the most reputable menswear publications out there. GQ – Check, Esquire– yup, Complex– uh huh. Furthermore Canada’s own Sharp for Men mag highlighted Needs/ W A N T S as one of the best Canadian Brands out there, topping a list that included heavy weights like Wings + HornsMackage and Reigning Champ. Read More

David Kollar from Kollar Clothing


Dubbed the “black sheep of garments”, Kollar clothing takes casual basics and morphs them into detail-heavy streetwear with heritage-level quality.  The brand has been selectively popping up in some of Canada’s hottest boutiques and was recently named one of Toronto’s upstart fashion brands to watch by Blogto. 

I had the opportunity to catch up with Kollar Clothing’s founder/designer David Kollar and discovered that part of the secret to a successful fashion start up is to “focus on the details”. Read More

Patrick Cornish from Benjamin Daedfyshe


The fashion talent that’s nestled in our city consistently amazes us. In our pursuit to expose our readers to the fantastic products that are designed in Canada, we’ve discovered a shoe brand that we think is the next big thing. We wouldn’t be surprised if we spotted Benjamin Daedfyshe kicks flipping through the pages of GQ in the near future.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Benjamin Daedfyshe’s Founder/ Creative Director Patrick Cornish to get the scoop on the Benjamin Daedfyshe brand and to find out what it’s like being a footwear designer based out of Toronto. Read More. 

Tomas Romita from Made Clothing Co. 

Made 1

No longer is simply being a man an adequate excuse to look disheveled and unkempt. There is a new breed of man out there, one that knows what a lapel is, and knows that a big part of feeling confident and looking the part comes from a great fitting suit.

Tomas Romita, is always one of the most sharply dressed men in the room. My colleague Oliver and I don’t often find ourselves sitting across from someone who knows more about menswear and suiting than we do, but we found our match. Romita, is the founder of MADE Clothing Co, a unique Toronto Start-up focused on improving the experience and the way in which men get suited. A service which we believe men are ready for. Read More. 

Josh Scott from GLDSTK


Being a fashion blogger, you get to meet a lot of different people in the industry. Passionate ones, innovative ones, people that are doing things you wish you could or that you never thought of. People that make you think, and people that inspire you.

All of these and more make the reasons why I love doing what I do.  If you’ve been keeping up with the blog I’ve been on a pursuit of cool Toronto fashion start ups, taking meetings, snapping pics and trying to show you how much talent there is right in our own backyard. Read More…

Oliver Spencer from Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer4

With International success and a shop on Toronto’s trendy Queen West, Oliver Spencer celebrates it’s 2nd anniversary in Toronto. Lucky for us, while Oliver Spencer was in Toronto we got a chance to sit down with the man himself and discuss how he got his start, his inspirations and what’s next for the Oliver Spencer brand. Read the interview:

Cole and Parker 


If there is one word I could come up with that could best describe Cole and Parker it would have to besockcessful. See what I did there? Cole and Parker craft bright, bold, and premium socks that help to start businesses.

Cole and Parker are named after iconic jazz musicians John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. They are both one of the most dominant jazz and bebop influencers of all-time. There is no wonder why the London (Ontario) based menswear brand are influenced by these musicians innovative approach to creating, collaborating, and inspiring. Read More

Jeremy Panda Peace and Cotton 


When you meet a guy with the last name Panda, it’s almost hard not to ask him if that’s his real name. MeetJeremy Panda, a musician, pool shark, former serial kiosk owner, and an ambitious garment enthusiast. And yes, it’s his real name.  Read More



If you’ve already heard about the FATHERDUCK brand, turn around and carry on. There won’t be much I could say to you that you wouldn’t already know and love about them. But if you’re not familiar withFATHERDUCK… Read More.