When it comes to making a purchase whether out of necessity or desire, a little extra saving can really go a long way, especially if you’re shopping on a budget. Here are a few key tips to help you score discounts with your purchases:

Join Retailer’s Mailing List

Many retailers are trying to fiercely grow their subscriber’s list and as an incentive they might even email you a special coupon in a strategic effort to lure you into their store, for your next purchase. Some of these coupons arrive instantly in your inbox (which is great if you’re in the store and already have a few things in your shopping cart) while others may take a few days.

Price Matching

Price matching is great when it comes to helping you save on things like groceries and even electronics. If you’re out shopping for a new Canon T5i camera, it’s probably best to scope online first to see what different retailers are pricing it at. It’s 2015, and you don’t need to be going from store to store. Just print the online flyer with the lowest cost of the product and take it to the retailer that is closest to you; doing your research online will save you a trip around town. Besides, it’s about shopping smarter not harder, right?

Online Prices Vs. In-Store Prices

Since most of us are equipped with smart-phones these days, it makes this savings opportunity even more efficient! A lot the time stores will have different prices online than they do in-store which can cause a lot of shoppers to be very disgruntled at the injustice. Simply let the store clerk know that the prices do not match and most of the time they will be able to iron it out in your favour.

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