As the female rapper, Kelis, once said, ‘diamonds on my neck, di-diamonds on my grill’. Grills are definitely not an accessory that is new to the scene. Historically, gold was used by dentists for fillings and crown procedures as gold is extremely durable and malleable. It was also one of the most expensive dental procedures. Therefore, having gold teeth was a status symbol, a symbol of money & success. Gold teeth and grills began to really catch on in Miami during the 60s, however, it wasn’t until the 80s and 90s when hip hop artists and rappers such as Flava Flav & Big Daddy Kane made the trend that was originally concerned with dental hygiene, a fashion statement.

Today we see celebrities everywhere wearing them and not just celebrities that are concerned with their fashion. Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, actually has a tradition that began in 2007 where every time he makes it to the medal podium, he will wear his grills. (Image source: Global Post)


Another unexpected celebrity seen sporting grills is Harry Styles. Perhaps he uses the grills to scare away fans… someone should tell him it’s not working. (Image source: Flamingo Pink)


The grills trend is not just for men. Lately, there has been an upward trend of females rocking diamond studded, gold plated, vampire fanged mouth pieces. Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Katy Perry have all been seen rocking grills. (Image sources: BET, L’Express, Kicks Culture)

miley-cyrus-grills katy-perry-grills beyonce-grills

Even pop star legend, Madonna, is wearing one. They don’t call it freedom 55 for nothing! It clearly doesn’t matter your age or sex, whether you like it or not, grills are a thing. (Image source: Mirror UK)


So what do you think? Will you be the next person seen sporting a pair of diamond encrusted grills?

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