A lot of people see fashion as an art form. Everyday, people wake up and dress to express their emotions, their individuality, their personalities and everyone has got their own take on what looks good and what looks bad. However, it seems as if there’s a consensus on the worst fashion faux pas of all time.

The UK headquartered department store, Debenhams, recently conducted a survey to find out which fashion trends people hate the most. Despite popularity on runway shows such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry & Chanel, socks and sandals were at the top of the list for fashion faux pas.

Check out the full list, complete with photos below.

1. Socks and sandals (Image source: The Sun UK)

2. Platform Shoes for Men (Image source: CoCo and Creme)



3. Low slung pants (Image source: NY Times)



4. Velour tracksuits (Image source: Lipsy UK)



5. Harem Pants (Image Source: Fresh Fashion Everyday)



6. Crop tops (Image source: College Fashion)crop-tops

7. Fanny Packs (Image source: Off My Hanger)




8. Shell Suits (Image source: Essex Bikers)



9. Trucker hats (Image source: Heavy)



10. Scrunchies (Image source: American Apparel)


Personally, I love a good crop top and harem pant, especially paired together! I don’t agree with everything on this list, but some trends are definitely better off sticking in the past.

Source: Telegraph UKĀ 

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