With the holidays now past us, it’s time to round up the best and the worst of 2013. This year we saw tons of fashion collaborations, emerging designers, trends we loved and embraced and of course, trends we wish would just go away. With a new year, come new resolutions and though we’re all guilty of abandoning promises of change for the future, there are definitely some things that should stay in the past. Here are the trends we hope stay behind in the new year:

1. Wedge sneakers: They came, we saw, they conquered and now they should retire. 


2. Over studding it: A subtle stud like the Rockstud Valentino pump can never do you wrong but in some cases more isn’t better. (Studded Hat, Studded Glasses, Studded Boots)


3. Designer pun sweaters: They’re just not that punny anymore. 


4. Clothing and accessories that say how we feel: Say it loud and say it proud does not apply when it comes to these items. (‘Bored’ Beanie, ‘Fierce’ Bracelet, ‘Swag’ Tee, ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ Crop Top)


5. Cut-out tacky cut-outs: A lot of people think the more skin, the better and while some cut-outs are done tastefully, there are some that can be a bit tacky. (L to R: Eliza Doolittle, Checkered Cut-Out BlouseNasty Gal)


6. Sky high flatforms: Give your feet a rest ladies, those look a little heavy.

What are your least favourite trends of 2013?

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