So, this is somewhat weird. A newly discovered iOS bug is reeking havoc on iPhones crashing the phone and leaving users without access to the Messages app.

According to Mashable, after the bug was discovered through Reddit unfortunate people with assholes for friends began to receive the bug through text messages sent to their phones and having their phone crash. ┬áPeople are sending this code around as a joke, but the bug locks the recipients message app and blocks incoming texts… Not cool.


Mysterious Reddit post which started this all.


If you receive this weird string of characters in a text unfortunately, your phone will crash, but there is a way to fix it.

Here’s how to fix your phone: You can undo the damage by replying to the sent text with a message. Further more, according to Mashable, if you have a Mac with iMessage enabled, you can open the message and reply to the sender this way too.

While bugs can be scary, no need to worry it can be fixed… Maybe you should be fixing your friendships with the people that sent you the bug in the first place…

Watch this video to get more details!

Source: Mashable

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