As you may have noticed, the cost of fruits & veggies and meat in Canada is getting increasingly expensive. While our dollar drops it’s getting harder to afford the common foods we’ve been buying on a regular basis.

According to CTV through StatCan here are the most popular foods that have risen in price.

Beef: One of our favourite meat staples has seen a 5.8% increase over last year.

Apples: All types of delicious apples have risen in prices as much as 11.8% more expensive than they were last year.

Oranges: Oranges have seen an 8.8% rise in price over last year.

Pasta products: Pasta sauce, and noodles increased in price, 9.5 % more expensive than last year.

Lettuce: Lettuce has seen the steepest rise in price,  most lettuces are 21.8% more expensive than last year.


Source: CTV 



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