As self proclaimed footwear geeks, we are always looking for the ideal shoe for different activities. Now that summer is here, we wanted to find some killer shoes that would be perfect for cottaging. Luckily for us, our friends at Timberland dropped us a line and suggested two shoes that would suit all of our cottaging needs.

Let us introduce you to the classic Timberland Icon 3 – Eye Classic Lug, and the Timberland Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Canvas Oxford.

If you’re familiar with the Timberland brand, you’ve probably seen the Classic Lug before. High quality manufacturing and rugged durability make it perfect for hiking through trails and walking through the bush. It truly is versatile. Not only will they keep your feet protected and comfortable, the boat-shoe style silhouette gives you that cottage approved preppy look. Perfect for when you need to swap out the flip flops for something a little more substantial.


Timberland Icon 3-Eye Classic Lug- $150


Although the Classic Lug is just that – Classic, we were more excited to try out the Earthkeeper Hookset. Made of canvas, and handcrafted the Hookset really is an all-round excellent cottage shoe. Due to the fact that it’s canvas, you can get them wet without to much concern, and the low-profile styling makes it easy to wear with pretty much anything.


Timberland Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Canvas Oxford- $85



If you’re planning a northern excursion think about packing some Timbos with you, you won’t be disappointed.



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