One of Timberland’s most iconic silhouettes- the ‘Super Boot’ is making a comeback for the first time since 1979 as part of Timberland’s 40th Anniversary collection. If you’ve never heard of the Super Boot before, it’s seen as one of the most coveted boots of it’s era. Worn by the likes of Jay-Z and other prolific names in the hip-hop community, the Super Boot is now back in a limited global run of 1,973 pairs. 

On November 23rd 34 pairs of the Super Boot in the Blackout shade will drop exclusively at Community 54 at 1275 Queen Street West in Parkdale.  This is the type of release that you’re going to have to wait in line for, so if you want a pair make sure you hit up Community 54 early on the 23rd.  The boots will retail at $280 and will definitely sell out, don’t sleep on this release!




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