Step aside Lululemon, there’s another activewear brand in town and it’s growing fast! Titika Active Wear is a Toronto based, fashion forward activewear brand that was inspired by the active lifestyles of modern women. The vision was to create clothing that was versatile enough for women to take to the yoga studio, to work, and to dinner with friends. Since opening their first store in 2009, the brand has caught fire – becoming a pillar to the local Toronto fitness community – and now boasts 8 retail locations across Ontario.


What makes Titika stand apart from other activewear brands is their ability to emphasize style and femininity by adding luxurious fashion elements like lace inserts, sheer mesh, and high quality details to each their pieces. Built with the most functional fabrics available like Supplex, Hot Mesh, Anti-Aroma, each piece is able to adapt to any social setting and take women through their busy days in comfort and style. 


Aside from their innovative and visually appealing aesthetics, Titika Active Wear aims to be as innovative and environmentally responsible as possible. Titika owns and manages its own production facility abroad, meaning that their production house is staffed with Titika employees. By doing so, Titika is able to ensure that each piece is made to the highest of quality and that each employee receives top of the line benefits and ethical working conditions. Titika Active Wear is more than just a clothing brand – they’re a lifestyle and a community. 


If you’re interested in Titika Active Wear, we’ll be hosting the first ever Titika Warehouse Sale and prices are starting as low as $10.99!

Get more details about the Titika Active Wear Warehouse Sale here.


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