As spring is in full bloom and summer excursions through the Maldives and the Mediterranean are circling our consciousness, it’s only natural to start sifting through the seemingly endless assortment of swimsuits. From run of the mill colours and cuts that are as generic as they are pricey, there is certainly no shortage of bikinis for this upcoming season – but who wants to look generic when island hoping through your South East Asian excursion? That’s why we’ve delivered a curated assortment of the best online swimsuit boutiques for you to start hunting and gathering the best pieces to carry you through the blazing sun and sizzling sands. Check out the top places to get swimwear online below:

1. We Are Handsome 


This trendy one-stop shop has everything from beach umbrellas to one-piece bathers boasting lions, tigers and bears. With their latest range named ‘The Tropic of Babylon,’ this all-encompassing swimsuit site will deliver the coolest, and perhaps most unique colours, style and cuts for the ultimate swimsuit reinvented.

2. Mara Hoffman


Nothing will ever be the same once you indulge on Mara Hoffman’s otherworldly and straight up earthy inspired swim and cover up designs. With nods to the Far East and styles boasting cutouts in the all right places, Mara Hoffman promises to deliver a quintessential assortment of summer staples that will have you sporting some of the most unique styles the resort staff have ever seen.

3. Suboo Swimwear


Expect to see a steady stream of graphic designs, unique cutouts, and novel new prints that have quickly elevated the archaic notions of what the swimsuit should represent. Wearable art has never been made more approachable.

4. Seea

Surf the seas with designer, Amanda Chinchelli’s curated assortment of surf suits and neoprene pieces that merge both the practicality of high waves and the classic elegance of modern beachwear.

5. N.L.P


Supermodel Jourdan Dunn is a proud advocate of these beloved graphic pieces that will add a splash to the sunniest beach in Rio this summer. While the name might not be mainstream, these designs boast front zips, high necks and mesh that will certainly leave on impact on whoever glances over.

6. 6 Shore Road


Inspired by lazy Sundays by the water, and barefoot frolicking in the hot sands, this one-stop shop will capture your heart in one click. Look for beaded cover-ups, retro silhouettes and bold graphic prints that will inspire you to mix and match your florals and neon’s.

7. Vitamin A Swimwear 

top 10 places to get swimwear online

This is no ordinary bikini.’ From Hollywood’s elite flaunting these immaculately tailored pieces that hug the body and fit to our form like no other, it’s no wonder that this rising brand is making a splash.

8. Karla Colleto

top 10 places to buy swimwear online

High fashion meets the sunny beach sand-lined streets with this latest range. From perforated punch-outs to camo one-pieces and scuba inspired suits, Colleto has mastered the art of tailoring and trends.

9. Solid & Striped


Hailing from Mill Water, New York, this elegant and refined take on swimwear has broken the traditional mold, and elevated typical designs. All of the pieces are hand woven in France, Spain, and Italy, boasting retro styles and clever names.

10. KORE Wear


Perhaps the most unique and truly opulent swimsuits around, Kore’s latest collection will leave you wanting to wear your bather to the bar. From serpent inspired patterns to mesh and nearly nude designs, this over the top and decadent spin on swimwear is truly worth saving up for.

 Did we miss any of your top places to get swimwear online?

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