Although a judge recently gave Uber in Toronto a pass, one Toronto city councillor is telling visitors to Toronto for the Pan Am Games to stay away from uberX unless they want to risk getting massively fined! CP24 has reported that councillor Jim Karygiannis claims that Uber passengers could face a penalty of up to $20,000 for using the taxi app.

Mr Karygiannis is quoted as saying “Two weeks ago a judge ruled that passengers, not Uber, arranges rides with uberX drivers. It is this court ruling which now puts passengers at risk. UberX drivers are unlicensed taxis. Under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act a person who arranges for a ride in an unlicensed taxi is guilty of an offence with a fine of not less than $300 and not greater than $20,000.” He goes on to say in a statement  “My advice to visitors and residents of Toronto is, when in doubt use a licensed taxicab,”

While currently these are statements from only one councillor, but it really makes you wonder. We personally love uberX but a $20,000 fine would cripple most uberX riders, so the question is… Is it worth it?

Source: CP24

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