As everyone finally accepts the fact that winter is here, you’ll see more and more people settling into their winter staples. Although the hipsters and the cool kids were on this trend last winter, you’ll start to see more and more ladies rocking the beanie this winter.  Now you might be thinking to yourself, we live in canada… People wear touques all the time! Well you’d be right, but the trend is turning towards beanies as a staple accessory. This means you’ll see women wearing beanies indoors, women wearing beanies with blazers, even women wearing beanies with dresses. The trend is super mix and match, wearing a $1,500 blazer? try pairing it with a $5 beanie. Just wearing some cozy sweats? Maybe step your game up and pair it with a nice Marc Jacobs beanie. Try out different looks! Head down to Queen West, and count how many neon American Apparel beanies you’ll see (bet ya it’s 20+). We dig the look over here at SD, but from now on we’re embracing our Canadian roots and calling a beanie what it really is… a TOUQUE.



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