If you’ve ever attended World MasterCard Fashion Week, you know how chaotic it can get. From the attendees dressed up inside to all the models dressed up on the runway – there’s a whole lot to see! With clothing as the main spectacle during the fashion focused week, hair and make-up can often go overlooked, but there are hours upon hours spent on beauty and you better believe there are tons of people putting in work backstage! One woman in particular is Grace Lee, Maybelline New York Canada‘s lead make-up artist. Not only has she keyed each and every make-up look we’ve see on the runways during WMCFW for the past six seasons, she trains a huge team to carry out her visions too! We got a moment to sit with Grace Lee during her chaotic work week to find out her thoughts on contouring, her favourite cosmetics and what she loves most about Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week!

Check out our twelve questions with Grace Lee below:

SD: In one to three words, what’s it like working as the lead make-up artist for Maybelline New York Canada? 

Grace Lee: A dream come true. It’s an adrenaline rush. It’s my dream job!


SD: What’s the best thing about World MasterCard Fashion Week? 

Grace Lee: I think everyone’s upping their game for Toronto. It really does show that we have amazing fashion talent in Canada!

SD: What’s your favourite item in your personal cosmetics bag? 

Grace Lee: It’s gonna have to be the Brow Drama. It’s a new sculpting brow mascara. You don’t even need to use pencil anymore. It’ll fill, sculpt, shape & keep them in place – It’s a game changer!

SD: What’s been your favourite beauty look from World MasterCard Fashion Week so far? 

Grace Lee: This is kind of hard… but I really dug Pink Tartan. I love the 70s glam rock kind of vibe!


SD: What’s your favourite clothing store? 

Grace Lee: All Saints – It’s like my Bible!

SD: What’s your favourite item in your closet right now? 

Grace Lee: Either my Rag & Bone leather jacket or my Balenciaga boots.

SD: What’s your everyday beauty routine or look?

Grace Lee: I would have to say, I’m the full bang if I’m coming [to World MasterCard Fashion Week]. I would never leave the house without a nice foundation – I would probably do the Dream Wonder Touch foundation or the Fit Me foundation. I love the Colour Tattoos because they stay on and a good mascara. I also never leave the house without blush and a good red matte lip.


SD: Who’s beauty routine or look do you admire? 

Grace Lee: I love Erin Wasson. Not just because she’s a Maybelline girl, but because she’s that effortlessly cool girl. I wish I could do that – just leave the house with a sexy bed head and not a lot of make-up on. I like that!

SD: If you could only give our readers one beauty tip, what would it be? 

Grace Lee: Don’t be afraid of make-up – It’s not a permanent thing.  if you wanna try a red lip, try a red lip. It comes off! Just have fun with it, make-up is a very disposable fashion accessory!


SD: What are your thoughts on contouring? 

Grace Lee: It can shave like 5-10 pounds off your face. I’m all into contouring and highlighting!

SD: Will winged eyeliner ever go out of style?

Grace Lee: No. Never! It’s one of those staples like winged liner, smokey eyes, red lip, good eyebrows, good skin – if it works for you, own it!

SD: Finish this sentence: I love Toronto because… 

Grace Lee: It’s home!

Learn more about Grace Lee, Maybelline New York Canada’s lead make-up artist on:

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All images courtesy of Maybelline Canada

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