If you’re a regular user of eBay, then you’ll totally understand the frustration of being in a bidding war. There is nothing worse than submitting a bid only to be outbid seconds later or even worse – seconds before the sale ends. No matter how many updates we get sent straight to our phones or hours we spend sitting at our computer, sometimes the inevitable happens and we lose out on that item we spent days, hours or minutes watching. Luckily, there are a number of websites that have recently popped up on our radar that help shoppers avoid bidding wars and score on the products they’re looking for.

For whatever reason – whether because of foreign sellers or just pure laziness – there are thousands of items on eBay listed with spelling mistakes. Unfortunately for those sellers, the listings often go unnoticed because no one can find them… except for FatFingers.com and Typohound.com. These websites catalogue misspelled listings and have created search engines that use key words to find those items that have been lost in eBay search limbo. Looking for a new Nikon lens for your camera? There’s probably one sitting under Nikkon Lense with no bids!

Alternatively, if the item you really want is spelled correctly and you do find yourself in a bidding war, free snipping websites like Gixen.com and JBidWatcher.com do all the waiting around for you. These sniping tools are able to watch your selected items and place winning bids at the very last second. You are able to organize maximum payments and watch multiple items at once and you don’t even need to be sitting at your computer to do it!

Do you know another eBay hack? Let us know in the comments below!

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