You Might Be Able to Travel in an Underwater Train to China in the Future

Dream of traveling to China but have a fear of trains? Fear not. You might be able to travel in an underwater train to China in the future.

If you’ve dreamt of traveling China but have a fear of planes, well, your prayers may soon be answered. Apparently, China is looking to build an underwater high-speed train. Using a 200,000 km underwater tunnel, the train would connect China to Russia, Canada, and the United States. Pretty crazy, huh?

China Daily, a state-run publication, reports that the technology needed to build the tunnel is already in place and is currently being used to build a high-speed railway between Fujian and Taiwan. The project will be funded and constructed by China but full details have yet to be finalized.

According to The Beijing Times, if and when the project is completed (no date has been confirmed yet), the train would travel at speeds of up to 220 km per hour and would take around two days to complete the entire trip.

Now we just have to get over our fear of traveling underwater.

Would you travel in an underwater train to China?

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