Starbucks is launching a Unicorn Frappuccino today, and the weird looking limited edition drink will surely be popping up everywhere on your social media feed in the near future.

So what exactly is a Unicorn Frappucino?  Well, the Unicorn Frappucino is blended creme made with sweet pink powder that is blended into a creme Frappuccino and topped with mango syrup and sour blue drizzle. To make it even better there is whipped cream and a pink and sour blue powder as a topping.

It looks crazy, and if you’re interested in trying something bold, head over to your local Starbucks and let us know how it tastes!

The Unicorn Frappuccino will only be available from April 19 – 23rd while supplies last, and just like a Unicorn it will be gone.

Image source: Instagram

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