It seems like every couple months Urban Outfitters is in the news for insulting another ethnic group, religion or race.

I’m really quite surprised at the fact that no one at Urban Outfitters seems to catch or care about some of the offensive products they have released over the years.

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Recently, Urban Outfitters has come under fire from the Anti – Defmation League for creating another offensive product.  Being a company that seemingly has no lack of sensitivity, the brand has recently released a carpet that looks “eerily reminiscent” of Holocaust uniforms prisoners were forced to wear.

image (1)


The carpet pictured above with the Pink triangle looks too much like the Holocaust uniforms Gay Men were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

I Just always wonder what happens at the design meetings. Does no one realize the products they create are offensive? It’s really getting to the point where it seems these offensive products aren’t even mistakes… Maybe Urban creates these products to create buzz and get people talking about the store.  If that’s teh case the brand needs to step it up and have people comment on products because they are great , not because they are offensive.

Source: CTV

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