Last week marked the second annual Aritzia Warehouse sale. The 7 day event took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre and ran from August 27th until September 2nd. Shoppers were lined up as early as 12:45 am on August 27th and the lines were out of control. According to photos, there were people lined up inside, outside, around and on the ground. Aritzia has a serious fan base. Fortunately, there were no reported cases of violence like at the Alexander Wang sale, but there are photos of a lot of bored boyfriends, which should count as spousal abuse.


I was not personally at the sale but my very dedicated sister actually flew from Calgary to Vancouver over the long weekend just for the sale. Apparently, this sale was different from Aritzia’s usual 5 dollar off boxing week and summer sales… there were actually huge discounts! Despite the lack of styles and sizes during the last few days, my sister was determined not to leave empty handed and ended up grabbing a Talula Babaton dress that retailed for $175.00 for just $39.99.

It just goes to show that you’ve gotta act fast on a sale like Aritzias! Check out photos from the event madness below.

Aritzia-warehouse-Lineup aritzia-warehouse-sale-1 aritzia-warehouse-sale-2

aritzia-warehouse-sale-5 aritzia-warehouse-sale-6

Talk about insanity! I personally would love to attend an Aritzia sale, but don’t know if I could handle the long waits. Do you want to see an Aritzia sale in Toronto?

Source: Leader Post 

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