So, this is kind of messed up. Recently Toronto fashion boutique Eton of Sweden has stirred up some major trouble for a window display that clearly has strong slavery associations. If you haven’t seen the questionable display, the front window features two nooses hanging over a men’s white shirt in a suitcase surrounded by a field of cotton plants.

What’s really crazy about this, is that according to a Huffington Post article, the display has been up for a month, but no one noticed until a singer from R&B group En Vogue posted a photo of the window through their social media outlets.

As of now, no one from Eton has commented on the window and as of now the window still stands… What are your thoughts? Offensive or benign?

UPDATE: The company’s North American sales director, Chris Donohue, told CityNews that it was meant to be a whimsical display of a swing over a cotton field. 

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