After a very hard working 10 Months, our friends at Vitaly Design have finally released their hotly anticipated new project- Clocks and Colours. A stark departure from their Vitaly design project, founders Shane Vitaly Foran and Jason Readman are shining new light into the competitive world of upscale men’s jewellery.  If you absolutely love the designs from Vitaly, you may see this new direction as drastically different. Let us assure you, although the designs are different it’s still the same dudes that were behind the Vitaly brand. Clocks and Colours will be of the highest quality, and as a product we’ve seen up close, it hands down competes with and rises above other competitors in the high end men’s jewelery category.

With a very strong “gritty” biker aesthetic – the new Clocks and Colours collection- is dark, luxurious, rugged, sexy and design heavy all at once. Chatting with lead designer Shane, it is clear that the new collection so far has been a success and he can’t wait to continue to design and develop the brand into the next big thing. “I’m insanely excited about this!” Shane tells us. “I’ve been working on this for 10 months and I’m excited to continue to design for this brand… It’s a very different thing from Vitaly, which has such a specific design perspective. [with Clocks and Colours] It’s something completely different and organic.”

Watch the video and get excited, because the dudes from Vitaly Design have done it again, don’t sleep on Clocks and Colours, it’s going to be the next big thing.

Check out the look and feel of the brand in their dope Look book shot by famed Toronto photographer Matt Barnes













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