Vitaly Opens First Flagship Store On Queen Street West in Toronto

Truly an amazing Toronto story – local brand Vitaly has grown from selling rings to close family and friends to launching their first Flagship store in one of Canada’s premier shopping neighbourhoods.

Located at 505 Queen Street W. Toronto, the Vitaly flagship is an expansive space and huge accomplishment for the brand. Spanning three floors (2 retail floors and 1 floor of office/creative space) the new store is a perfect encapsulation of CEO/Founder Shane Vitaly Foran’s vision of his two brands (Vitaly and Clocks and Colours).

vitaly_flagship_store-15 vitaly_flagship_store-12 vitaly_flagship_store-17 vitaly_flagship_store-14 vitaly_flagship_store-13

When you enter the store, the first floor is dedicated to everything Vitaly. Minimalist store fixtures paired with clean white walls, geometric ceiling lights and an industrial staircase makes the space one of the cleanest looking boutiques in the city. If you look at Vitaly’s Instagram page you can see how the brands’ aesthetic translates very nicely into the space.  

vitaly_flagship_store-4 vitaly_flagship_store-21 vitaly_flagship_store-11

If you haven’t been keeping up with the brand you may not have noticed that they have slowly moved away from singularly focusing on jewellery. The brand now offers an impressive selection of trend-focused clothing that includes basics, hoodies, shoes and beautiful knit long sleeved shirts.

vitaly_flagship_store-9  vitaly_flagship_store-7vitaly_flagship_store-3


Travelling up the industrial staircase you land on the second floor of the Vitaly store which has been dedicated to showcasing Clocks and Colours, Shane Foran’s rugged motorcycle inspired brand. The 2nd floor is beautiful and completely different from the first.  Dark wood, industrial fixtures and retro lights transforms the 2nd floor space into a rugged man’s heaven.  Clocks and Colours compared to Vitaly is relatively small, so the extra space on the 2nd floor will be used to house a barber shop and features some of Shane Foran’s favourite brands, including stunning leather jackets from OMCSU  made in the U.K and AHN from Denmark. The store also features a selection of apothecary products from Rebels Refinery and cologne from SUM.

vitaly_flagship_store-23 vitaly_flagship_store-25 vitaly_flagship_store-22

Next time you are in the Queen Street West neighbourhood pop into the Vitaly store as we expect it to make a huge impact and become a go-to shopping destination for men in Toronto.