According to a recent Globe and Mail article, car manufacturer Volvo is taking online shopping to a new level by allowing customers to start order a limited number of Volvo’s new 2015 XC90 crossover. The company will be selling a total of 1,927 individually numbered XC90’s to the Canadian public and several other countries. The new online interface Volvo has developed to sell the cars supposedly “simplifies the process of shopping for, buying and owning a volvo”.

The new shopping portal will require customers to put down a deposit of $4,000 on their credit card, while simultaneously choosing a nearby dealership that will complete the transaction and deliver the car to the buyer.  If you’re int eh market for a limited edition Volvo First Edition XC90 with a price tag of $81,500 you can check out Volvo’s digital portal as early as September 3rd, 2014. 

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Source: The Globe and Mail
mage Source: Motorbeam 

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