Today, sees juggernaut retailer Walmart making a big announcement that will “dramatically accelerate’ online orders and sales. The concept is simple, online Walmart shoppers will now be able to temporarily use Grab and Go lockers for faster pick up of their online orders at Walmart. Although Walmart has stated that they plan to unroll the lockers across Canada in the next 18 months, the store hasn’t fully given details on how the lockers will actually work. Analysts are suggesting that it will be similar to Amazon’s Click-and-Collect lockers, where users pick a store for item pick up, a locker number at that store is assigned to you, and you can go pick your order up at the locker at a time of your convenience. The only thing Walmart has announced is the return policy which is pretty solid. If a customer orders something, and does not pick it up within 3 days, the product is returned, and the customer is refunded. We think it’s solid, because if you can’t pick your stuff up in three days, why wouldn’t you just get it delivered?

Source: NacsOnline

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