Now that Google Glass is close to being released for public use, the brand is considering the aesthetic appeal of the accessory.  The New York Times reports that Google is in talks with trendy eyewear manufacturer Warby Parker to create a more fashionable frame for Google Glass.  Although this hasn’t been officially confirmed by either of the brands, we think this would be a good move for Google. Although Google Glass is pretty cool joining forces with Warby Parker will ensure that you don’t look like Star Trek extra.

If you’ve never heard of Google Glass, prepared to be amazed. We reported on them a while back when Diane Von Furstenberg used them to film her runway show last year.  Supposedly the glasses wearers can  take photos, record video all without using their hands. They can send the images to friends, post them online and more. The coolest feature we’ve heard about is visual directions. Someone can send you direction and Google glass will visually map it out for you. You can search the web by voice command and view language translation.

I just wish I had a pair of these when I went backpacking in Europe.

When these babies finally hit the market we’ll be sure to give you some more info.

If you live in the U.S. you can apply to be a first round tester.

Source: Racked

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