In interesting news, last week saw two incidents in Brampton where customers found drugs in products purchased at Target and Value Village.

Firstly a boy found $800 worth of Marijuana in an Angry Birds toy purchased at Target.

“My son came down eager to open his new toy, “ Monica Milewska told CP24. “My son called me because he was unable to get the Angry Bird figures from the other end of the box. I came, grabbed the box and slit the tape from the other side. I went to hand him everything and noticed something unusual on the couch. Upon further inspection it looked like marijuana” – CP24

Secondly Gerry O’Brien was shocked when he found two little bags of Cocaine in a jacket he purchased at Value Village. After notifying police, the bag was assessed and was given a value of $250!

We’re really not sure what’s going on with people finding these drugs, but the lady who found the weed in her son’s toy at Target probably has one of the best quotes ever!

“He could not sleep on his own and kept asking us questions — Why it was in his toy? Who put it there? What was it?” she said. “I guess Target lived up to their slogan, ‘expect more, pay less’.”- CP24

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