Attending New York Fashion week has always been on my bucket list and while I’m typically at home browsing the collections online, this year I was lucky enough to get invited to a couple of shows. While I’ve been to three seasons of Toronto Fashion Week, I had heard that New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was completely different. Rumours had been swirling that bloggers might be banned from coming to the shows and I didn’t quite know what to expect, but here are 11 things I learned about New York Fashion Week:

  1. Bloggers are not banned from Fashion Week. In fact, the majority of people in attendance were bloggers.
  2. Despite negative degree weather, snow and slush, it is apparently not inappropriate to wear sandals, skirts, shorts at the Lincoln Centre or any other fashion related events. Getting stopped for street style photos takes precedence over avoiding frostbite and being warm.
  3. Like Toronto’s World MasterCard fashion week, there are a few types of people you’ll see at the tents: the Fashion hierarchy (editors, famous bloggers and photographers), the Lingerers (the people who wait around the front in hopes of getting their photo taken), and the Strictly Business folks (people who go in, get out and try to avoid the frenzy.)
  4. According to a couple of girls I had met at a show, if you can’t tell someone’s rank, you can find out their importance by checking out where they’re seated. Fashion’s elite are always in the first 3 rows, ‘important’ media are typically in the rows that follow, less ‘important’ people are given “Priority Standing” and even less ‘important’ are “Standing”.
  5. Shows never start on time. If you have a show that starts at 2pm, you’re most likely to wait in line until 2:30pm, get seated at 3pm and start watching the show at around 3:15pm. If you have a show at 3pm and a flight at 5pm – you’re probably going to miss it.
  6. The majority of people getting snapped by street style photographers are models, bloggers, and fashion’s elite, but if you do end up getting your photo taken…
  7. It’s not appropriate to ask a photographer who they shoot for. While most people would love to know what their photo was snapped for and where it will appear, photographers just want to snap your photo and move onto their next subject
  8. Sadly, there aren’t that many freebies. While at Toronto’s World MasterCard fashion week you’re likely to score some free mascara, a macaron or even a portable steamer. New York’s Fashion Week lacks complimentary goods. Although, if you’re thirsty you can score some free Diet Coke or SmartWater.
  9. The tents are really, really warm. If you’re one of the many girls that chose to rock open toed sandals and your tightest mini skirt, then you’re actually in luck! The tents feel like that tropical destination you’ve been dreaming about and there’s even coat check.
  10. Do not be a ‘fan-girl’. It doesn’t matter if you’re standing next to your favourite blogger, walk past Anna Wintour or rub elbows with Jesse Metcalfe – the key to appropriate behaviour at New York Fashion week is to act like you don’t care about anything – looking uninterested and bored will actually score you points.
  11. If you missed a show, didn’t get invited or couldn’t make it – it doesn’t matter. You’ll probably get a better view of the best shows on your Instagram feed anyways.

With all that being said, I would do it all over again and I had the absolute best time in New York attending shows! I was totally starstruck and could not even speak the entire time because I was still trying to comprehend how I’d even made it there! If you love fashion, it’s definitely something you should experience and if you can’t make it out to New York, you can always check out Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion week when it opens in March.


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