What do you think about this? Wrangler Jeans has been promoting a very weird concept for their jeans. Meet the “Wrangler Denim Spa” A pair of jeans which slowly moisturizes your legs as you strut your stuff. For $149 bucks a pop, the jeans “are infused with one of three soothing ingredients: Aloe Vera, Olive Extract or special formula [for] Smooth Legs,”.  Supposedly they also reduce cellulite. However after doing some research most websites say this isn’t true.


Wrangler has even nabbed rocker baby Lizzie Jagger to be the face of the campaign. This type of thing will either generate a whole lot of buzz, or flop miraculously. Probably the latter.

“Moisturizing your legs has become such a pain these days… I wish there were jeans that just did it for you” – said nobody. Ever.

Whether it’s a success or not, we’ll let shoppers decide. Who knows with a tagline like “the soothing touch of nature, now available in jeans” it might just hook some people.

You can find the jeans on Asos.com 

Source: The National Post

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