While Alibaba is a major house-hold name in China, Canadians have little knowledge about the retail-juggernaut. Let us tell you, Alibaba is poised to be the worlds largest e-commerce player. Founded in 1999 by the electric Jack Ma, the company has experienced a mind-boggeling growth rate over the last 15 years. ¬†Currently, Alibaba sells more than both Amazon.com and eBay combined. If you’ve never been to the site, it operates multiple online marketplaces including the Amazon competitor – Tmall and the eBay style – Taobao and a discount sales website called Juhuasuan (Similar to Groupon) according to a Telegraph UK article, together the three websites have a customer base of 279 million buyers a year – an astonishing number.

Watch the videos below to get the all the details and learn everything you need to know for Alibab’s IPO which comes out of Friday.

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