Flash mob marriage proposals are nothing new to the internet, but when it happens in your city or a place you frequent, it hits close to home. We recently stumbled upon the absolute cutest flash mob proposal and it happened right here in Toronto at Yorkdale Mall! The Yorkdale Mall flash mob proposal video is dated back to earlier this year in March and though we’re unsure of who the mystery couple is, we do know that girls performing in the flash mob to “Alive” by Empire of the Sun are all York University students and members of York Lions Dance Team. To no surprise, hundreds of people gather around the escalators in front of Banana Republic to catch a glimpse of what’s going on. If you’ve ever been to the luxury shopping mall, you’ll know that it’s packed no matter the time or day, so we’re pretty impressed that the fella proposing was able to pull the proposal off with no disruptions and without a sweat.

Find out if she says ‘yes’ by watching the Yorkdale Mall flash mob proposal above and watch the proposal from a different angle below!


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