I dreamed a dream and it was that I danced like Beyonce. I’m sure a lot of you have had those dreams, those days when you’re listening to your iPod, walking down the street thinking, ‘this is my jam! This is the soundtrack to the movie of my life!” Well ladies, listen up because you can strut like Queen Bey and there are now Beyonce dance classes in Toronto that will teach you how!

beyonce dance classes in Toronto

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The dance classes dubbed Beyography take place throughout the summer at the Elevation Dancentre Studio in Toronto. Once a week, attendees can learn the choreography from some of Beyonce’s biggest songs like 7/11, Run the World, Schoolin’ Life, Ego, Naughty Girl & more. Classes are 2-hours long (a little sweat ain’t hurt nobody!) and cost $15 per session. Take a peek at what goes down in the classes below:


Learn more about the Beyonce dance classes in Toronto here.

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