Finally! Ontario residents can now expect to see beer on the shelves of select grocery stores. Starting today (Tuesday, December 15th) Ontario shoppers can now buy a six pack of beer alongside their everyday grocery purchases.

Last month, the Ontario Liberal government announced that 13 grocery store chains were chosen to sell beer in Ontario. While not every location of each chain will carry beer, shoppers can expect to see beer at Walmart, Metro and Sobey’s as well as select smaller grocery store chains.  On the largest scale, Loblaws has announced that beer will be available at 19 Loblaws outlets including Real Canadian Super Stores.

The only downside to the whole announcement is that you will only be able to buy six packs of beer at the grocery store. The Beer Store will continue to be the only seller of 12 and 24 canned cases of beer.

If you’re not looking for beer and you’re more of a wine drinker, you’re going to have to wait. The Toronto Star is reporting that wine sales will be delayed due to a deal that has to be worked out between the Wine Rack and Wine Shop who already sell wine in grocery stores.

Source: The Toronto Star


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