4 Fall Fashion Staples You Need Now:

Fall brings out everyone’s inner fashionista; with a vast array of colour trends and a lot of options for footwear and accessories, it’s hard not to look good during this season, but if you still need a little bit of fashion inspiration, here is a roundup of our favourite fall staples:

The Poncho

This perfect little cape will not only keep you looking stylish, but if you think about it – it also doubles as an office blanket. It’ll help you stay warm while building management decides whether or not it’s cold enough to switch on the heat in the office.


Oversized Cardigan

Get your fall game on real strong with an oversized cardigan, comfy tights and a pair of awesome boots – this look is not only stylish, but also insanely comfortable for work.

image1xxl (1)

Scarves of all Sizes

When it comes to scarves, the bigger the better (and comfier and warmer – you get the point). With so many ways to wear them, scarves are truly one of the most versatile and functional accessories for the colder months.

image1xxl (4)

Plaid Shirts

You can never go wrong in fall with a plaid top, whether loose fitting with a pair of tights and boots or fitted and tucked into a pair of denim – this autumn look is always lovely for casual daily wear.

image1xxl (3)


All products and photos from Asos.com