4 Spring Trends We Weren’t Expecting

Spring Trends 2014, for Men and Women.

Have you ever looked at a current trend and thought to yourself, “That is en vogue?” Or “How did that get popular?” As Spring 2014 is wrapping up, we’re realizing that a few trends became popular this year that we didn’t expect. Take a look.

1. Bustiers -in Menswear, and Layered

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With the 90’s coming in so strong this year, it’s no surprise that the white-washed-jeans-thing is coming back, and it’s no surprise that it’s okay for women to wear blousy, Oxford shirts with the jeans. If we’re following this trend, Selena wore bustiers for nearly every show, so it’s not that weird that those would come back, too. But all together? And bustiers in menswear? That we weren’t expecting. You can get bustiers made out of the same fabric as a gentleman’s trouser, and layer it over the Oxford shirt.
If you want to try this unexpected trend, check out this bustier from Guess.

2. Men Who Don’t Wear Socks

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This year, we saw a lot of mens ankles. Sure, they might be wearing Peds -socks that go around the vast majority of the foot but don’t cover the ankle- but when men hear that the trend is to not wear socks, it’s likely that most are not. You’ll also notice that men’s pants are cropped or rolled so that you can view their ankles from a distance. This is a very unexpected trend. After all -who thought we’d want to look at men’s ankles?

If you want to try this style, check out these from ASOS.com.

3. Bold Suits

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Fashion magazines have been captivated by bold, statement suits. Vogue, Elle, New York Magazine, Mens Fashion Magazine, and GQ are just a few to talk about this Spring’s trend of not only thinking outside of the box, but wearing something that arrests our attention. While the trend primarily centers on matching blazers and pants, the idea is to think outside the box, so you could also try bold combinations.

If you want to try out this trend, check out this bold Diane Von Furstenberg blazer.


4. Shield Sunglasses

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The 90’s are in, retro is in -and I think it’s safe to say pretty much every decade is in. That includes the 80’s. In the 80’s, sunglasses were designed to follow styles in the movies Robocop and Terminator, and now those frames have come back. The idea here: the bigger the better.


If you want to try this style on your own, check out designers like Tom Ford and Carrera.


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