Best Buy Canada site malfunctions on Black Friday, Shoppers are Pissed!

Some people win during Black Friday, others lose. It looks like Best Buy took a major hit due to an overwhelming wrath of customers who claim that the Best Buy Canada website malfunctioned preventing people from taking advantage of the annual Best Buy Black Friday deal.

The hordes of upset customers started to surface shortly after Best Buy tweeted that Black Friday deals were on late Thursday evening.

As soon as the clock stuck Midnight potential customers realized that the site wasn’t working, and people let Best Buy have it! CTV is reporting that potential Best Buy customers began to tweet out photos of themselves shopping on competitors websites due to the malfunction.

A hilarious and poignant point which was illustrated by the mob of tweeters was the fact that Best Buy owns Geek Squad (a company that fixes computers and sets up networking systems) and should be able to avoid tech related problems… But alas they failed.

The site wasn’t back up and running until at least 2.5 hours after the promotion began, but the damage was done.

Let’s hope they can fix this problem for boxing day and for future Black Friday sales.

Source: CTV