12 Indoor Activities To Do in Toronto When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

We break down a list of the best activities to do in the city without having to go outside.

When the weather gets cold, it’s really hard to get outside and make the most of it. No matter how nasty it is in January you still may want to make the most of your downtime and get out of the house to spend time with friends and family. We break down a list of the best activities to do in the city without having to go outside.


The Ontario Science Centre 

If your goal is to learn something new on your downtime, the Ontario Science Centre is a great fun for families of all sizes. The science centre focusses on hands-on learning and is a great option for  activities over the winter holidays because the centre runs special programming during the holidays and PA days.

Cost: General admission for adults is around $22, for youth (13-17) $16. Children can attend for $13 and infants get in free!

Ripley’s Aquarium

While definitely not “cheap” Ripleys Aquarium is a beautiful experience, that is fun for the whole family. The aquarium features thousands of fish species, ranging from cute and small to amazing and large. There are hundreds of interactive displays making the experience education and fun. If your family has a large age range, from older teens to younger kids, the Ripley’s Aquarium is probably the best place to appease everyone.

Cost: Adult Cost: $26.98, Youth (6-13) $16.98, Child (3-5) $7.98

The Toronto Zoo

While many of the exhibits of the Toronto Zoo are outdoors, The Toronto Zoo has several large indoor exhibits that can keep you and your family busy for hours.  While you do have to temporarily go outside to move from building to building, the Toronto Zoo boasts an Americas pavilion that features lizards, birds and insects, and an amazing African Rainforest pavilion where you can find African ape species, big African cats and much more.

Cost: Adults (13-64) $28.00, Children ( 3-12) $18.00 Parking: $10.00

The Royal Ontario Museum

The ROM is another destination that can be highly engaging for the whole family. Many of the world’s best travelling exhibits make a stop at the ROM making it interesting for the older teens and adults in your family. While kids can literally freak out in the bat cave and marvel at the Egyptian exhibits.

Cost: Adults: $16, Student (15-25): $14.50, Child (4-14): $13

Visit one of Toronto’s 60+ Indoor Pools

Toronto has over 60 indoor swimming pools most with access starting around $3.50. WHther you’re looking to relax in a hot top spa, take a waterslide or do some laps, there is a fun local indoor pool that caters to you!

Check out the list of great indoor pools

Playground Paradise

If your group is made up of more kids than teens and adults, we suggest you check out Playground Paradise. The kids play zone is fairly typical, but it’s a great place to get your kids to burn off some steam and get some excerise. There is a great spiral side and a fabulous ball pit. What’s really great about Playground Paradise is the cost.

Cost: $2.50 per child for 2 hours

Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park

You may not think so from the name, but Skyzone is definitely fun for the entire family.  Kids can have a great time jumping and playing around, while if your family is made up of teenagers and adults Skyzone offers workout classes and dodgeball games which is extremely tiring but even more fun!

Cost: 30 minutes : $9.00 or an hour for $13.00

Pursuit OCR 

If you’re looking to tire your family out so it’s nice and relaxing at night, Pursuit OCR might be for you.  It’s a massive indoor playground that is supposedly the largest of it’s kind in Canada ( Over 10,00 sq ft). Pursuit OCR is a workout course that allows you to run through several obstacles to keep you in shape. It’s basically a fusion of fun and working out.

Cost: All Day Pass $20

Escape Games Canada

Escape rooms are the newest rage. If small spaces don’t give you anxiety, escape rooms offer fun for an adult family or older teens.  Escape rooms essentially are giant puzzle games where you have to uncover clues and make decisions to finally escape. We’ve personally tried Escape Games Canada and it’s really fun. Definitely an out-of-the-box experience that everyone should try once.

Cost: $22 – $25 depending on the day

Visit a Brewery

Obviously, visiting a brewery is only for adult families or groups of friends. Toronto has some of the country’s best breweries and all of them have fun tours.

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Take in a Show

If you’re in downtown Toronto may we suggest a fabulous night of musical theatre. Presented by Mirvish, Kinky Boots is  one of our favourite shows and a great option to keep your family indoors and entertained. Viosit the show for a fun, stylish and sassy evening.

Visit mirvish.com to get showtimes for Kinky Boots and other fabulous shows.

Use Code: STYLED for 50% off Tickets which start at $29.00.

Archery District 

Ever wanted to shoot someone with a bow and arrow?  If yes, now your whole family can join in on the fun. While there is an age restriction of 12+, you can play archery tag with foam-tipped arrows!

Cost: $24.80 Per player for 60 minutes of playing time including rental.


Bowling is classic! While there are bowling devotees, many people haven’t been since they were kids, and you forget just how much fun bowling can be. Not only is bowling fun and a minor workout, it’s also one of the most affordable activities for families.

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Featured Image Source: Benson Kua