5 Must-Follow Steps For The Perfect Eyebrows

Can’t afford a trip to the salon? Don’t fret. The perfect eyebrows are just a few simple steps away and they can be done from the comfort of your home.

Good-looking eyebrows are a bliss to many. Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to keep them looking beautiful. For instance, you can visit your salon for microblading, threading, or waxing. Through microblading, the stylist will fill in your brows using micro pigmentation to keep them looking beautiful and natural for at least a year. But, if you can’t afford a trip to the salon, here are some steps you can follow to get the perfect eyebrows from the comfort of your home.

Choose a perfect shape for your face

We all have different shapes of faces, meaning that an eyebrow shape that looks perfect on your friend’s or a model’s face may be a total blunder on you. To attain the perfect eyebrows, choose a shape that will strike a balance for your face. Take some time to identify where the brows should begin and end. The line should not appear too thin or end shorter than your natural brow.  

Another important mark to identify is where the curve should peek. For most people, the eyebrows curve will peak around the eye. To identify the mark, stand next to a mirror with your face straight. Using a long, thin instrument, align the outer part of your iris and nostril as you watch to see where the instrument transverses the brow. This is where the brow curve should peak for a graceful look.

Determine the perfect thickness for you

Always have in mind that the right eyebrow thickness for one person may not always work for you. You can make your decision based on the size of your lips, eyes, style preferences and the gap between your eyes and brows. For a person with big eyes, wearing thick brows can bring a proper balance, however, such will overshadow small eyes. It is generally acceptable that brow thickness should be equal to one’s upper lip. The brow bone should also come into play when choosing the perfect thickness for you. For instance, if it is properly spaced, then you can afford thick eyebrows and still look perfect.

Pluck the unwanted hairs

It is likely that you’ll have some stray hairs here and there. You could easily identify them by brushing your hairs up in the course of their growth. Since you had marked where the brows should begin and end, as well as the arch peak, tweeze any hairs that appear outside the marks you came up with. While at it, stay in a properly illuminated area so that you do not tweeze more hairs than intended. Repeat the process on the other brow making sure you come up with a similar shape to the first eyebrow.

Fill and style

You can use an eye pencil in a shade similar to your brow hairs to touch up the thickness of your eyebrows. Keep the strokes light and in the direction your hair grows. Avoid creating a curve where it doesn’t exist or lengthening brows with an eye pencil. Such extra lines will look obvious. Once through, comb the hairs into shape and make sure none of them falls haphazardly. Also, be keen not to smear the eye pencil when combing your brows.

Use brow gel

Finish up your styling by applying a brow gel. This final step helps hold your brows in place throughout the day. In fact, we have gels that are water-resistant in the market today. Such keep your brows in perfect shape during a rainy, windy or hot day. Dab a small amount on the inner side of your brow and use your brow comb or the tip of your finger to spread it outwards. If you don’t have brow gel, petroleum jelly or hairspray work just perfect to keep your brows in shape throughout the day.

About the Author
Linda Collins is interested in fashion, beauty, and new trends. As she recognized microblading as one of the promising new trends she decided to do the training at Deluxe Brows, and is now passionate about it. Linda likes to share her experiences and knowledge with others so she writes about all beauty tips and tricks she knows.

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