5 Stores You Didn’t Know Were Opening in Toronto VERY SOON!

Here’s our favourite 5 shopping destinations that are coming to Toronto either this year or next!

If you love to shop in our fair city of Toronto, you may have noticed the increasing number of retailers that are coming to our city for the first time. Well, it’s just begging as a slew of retailers have their hearts set on opening up Toronto Locations.

Here’s our favourite 5 shopping destinations that are coming to Toronto either this year or next!

1) Nordstrom 

what nordstrom's canadian stores will look like

Nordstrom’s has already had a successful opening with their store in Calgary, and plan to open two more stores in the GTA. Toronto will see the Seattle based  Nordstrom’s open up a 213,000 Sq ft. Store at Toronto’s Eaton Centre, and a 191,000 Sq. ft store in Yorkdale Mall. Both are expected for fall 2016.*


2) Bloomingdales 



Although Bloomingdale’s arrival is still speculation, the popular American department store has begun looking for downtown Toronto space. Expect the Toronto store to be as large as 120,000 Sq. Ft. *



uniqlo store retail insider

Our favourite Japanese fast-fashion retailer has been licking it’s lips in anticipation of entering the Toronto market. Locations are speculated at being larger than 30,000 Sq. ft. and has a tentative opening date for late 2016. Look for Uniqlo locations to pop-up near the Eaton Centre and at Yorkdale Mall. *

4) Muji 

Muji Canada

Muji has already announced that they plan on opening up 7-8 stores in the Canadian market, with the first slated to open in the Atrium on Bay by November 29, 2014.

5) Eataly 

eataly chicago retail insider


While you can’t buy clothes at Eataly (other than promo stuff) we are really excited that this food experience is opening in Toronto. While a location has yet to be confirmed, Mario Batali in an interview stated that Eataly will be in the Toronto market by 2016.*

* All retail and store information has been provided by our friends Retail-Insider.