Vintage Shopping Neighbourhood’s: Toronto

Toronto has been written up as having an amazing selection and comparably affordable vintage shopping by…..

Toronto has been written up as having an amazing selection  and comparably affordable vintage shopping by London’s Telegraph. It turns out that a lot of the North American vintage sorting is done in and around Toronto, so many vintage lovers have set up shop in the city. From rummage sale and musty attic type shops to beautiful boutiques, there is a whole range of vintage shopping for those who are looking to revive the past.

  1. Kensington – maybe the original vintage shopping neighbourhood, Kensington has some of the city’s best known shops like Courage My Love and the King of Kensington. Typically these stores have a hippie, rummage sale feel but there are so many vintage stores to choose from in a small area it is a great place to start your hunt.
  2. Ossington – the stretch between Queen West and Dundas has a handful of shops. My favourite is the well curated I Miss You Vintage that sells everything from designers like Chanel and Pucci to Canadian made leathers and cool vintage accessories.
  3. Parkdale – This up and coming neighbourhood is a bit rough around the edges but there is plenty of vintage to go around. There is a mix of by the pound type stores, tiny vintage boutiques and the must visit House of Vintage.
  4. The rest of Queen Street – There are vintage shops scattered all along Queen Street, east to west. In the East end you have Gadabout which is like shopping in your great grannies attic, Black Market is closer to the Much Music buildings and is a great place to score a vintage concert tee and all sorts of cheapie finds, all the way further west to Cabaret Vintage where vintage loving brides can score their dream dress.
  5. Dundas West – Little Portugal is becoming a new vintage destination. Just west of the Dundas Ossington you will find Magwood and Dalston Grey.

I can’t talk about vintage in Toronto without mentioning the beautiful boutique Cat’s Meow Couture. It’s great for those looking for an event dress that no one else will have! Tucked in just north of Yorkville it’s not the type of area you would typically think of for vintage but it’s worth a trip.

What is your favourite spot to score vintage clothing in Toronto?