6 Beauty Mistakes You’re Probably Making

There are 6 common mistakes most people make when it comes to makeup but correcting them, will take your makeup game to a whole ‘nother level!

Earlier this season, I met with Tweezerman specialist and makeup artist Victoria Elizabeth to get schooled on the latest makeup trends featuring Brush IQ tools from Tweezerman. I learned about new methods like ‘baking‘ and ‘strobing‘, but what I found most interesting was how many small beauty mistakes I was making in applying everyday makeup. Take a look at 6 common beauty mistakes below – correcting them will take your makeup to a whole ‘nother level!

1. Not washing your brushes enough… Or at all.

Bacteria, dust and dirt collect in dirty brushes which, in turn, gets into your makeup, creating a vicious circle of germs. Those same germs are messing with your skin and are typically the perpetrators for breakouts and skin irritation. Dirty brushes can also botch the precision of your makeup application, especially if you’re the type to mix eyeshadows and/or blushes and bronzers. So how often should you be washing your brushes? Victoria Elizabeth suggests weekly for brushes you use often and bi-weekly for everything else. You can purchase makeup brush cleaner, but a mild soap will do the trick too!

2. Using the wrong brushes

While there are no strict rules on what makeup brushes to use where, there are brushes that work better for different applications. For example, blush brushes are often used to contour when in fact, a smaller brush like the Tweezerman Brush IQ Contour Concealer brush will better define your face with a more precise application. If you’ve ever looked at a set of makeup brushes and wondered, “what the heck is that for?” then the Brush IQ tools are for you – each brush is labeled with its exact purpose!

3. Not getting the most use out of your concealer

There are several different types of concealers: a neutral (skin tone), yellow, green and purple. Your neutral concealer should be 2 shades lighter than your skin and can be used in place of a highlighter. By applying concealer in upside down triangles under your eyes, underneath the arch of your eyebrows, in a triangle on your chin, down the middle of your nose and in an upside down triangle on your forehead with a pointed foundation brush, it brightens your features and creates the illusion of a facelift. Use a yellow concealer to cancel out bluish bruises, undereye circles and mild red tones, a purple concealer to cover yellow bruises, very dark undereye circles and dark spots on bronze skin tones, and a green concealer to cover up blemishes and red spots.

4. Not using primer

If by the end of the day, you notice your eyeshadow has smudged or your bronzer and blush has magically disappeared, it’s probably because you’re not using a primer. A primer creates a base for your makeup to sit on – smoothing your skin and sealing your pores. When you wear primer, it decreases the amount of sweat and dirt that comes through, making your makeup last longer. You can use your fingers or a foundation brush to apply primer over your face and your eyelids.

5. Brushing or swiping your makeup on

Brushing or swiping bronzer, blush or foundation on is a surefire way to waste it. To ensure long lasting makeup, you want to push or stipple it onto your skin so that it sticks. This method will lock in your makeup and also give you an airbrushed look. You can use a basic blush brush to apply your bronzer and blush, and a flat top foundation brush or a beautyblender sponge for your foundation

6. Not blending your makeup

This step is often missed but very much needed. Blending your blush and bronzer gets rid of harsh lines, excess makeup and conceals a patchy application. It also helps to give you an airbrushed look. Make sure to use a clean brush, such as a powder brush, to blend.

Are there any other common beauty mistakes that we missed? Share them & the solutions below!