Bench. Unveils Its Latest #LoveMyHood Campaign and We Can’t Get Enough

One of our favourite brands- Bench. has just unveiled their newest #LoveMyHood Fall campaign and we are in-love!

One of our favourite brands- Bench. has just unveiled their newest #LoveMyHood Fall campaign and we are in-love!  The #LoveMyHood campaign launched in 2015 is The #LoveMyHood campaign is more than just a simple social media play for Bench. #LoveMyHood is a worldwide movement that celebrates fashion that meets the needs of individuals that live a 24-hour life.   Since the campaign launched, Bench. has worked really hard to pair their brand with global ambassadors who really exemplify what Bench. is all about. These are individuals that are always on the go. Individuals that appreciate style, but demand more out of their clothing. People that love Bench. know that the brand focuses on making clothes that work for you and with you. All while keeping you comfortable and stylish.




If you pay close attention to brands, Bench. has been slowly moving away from their heavy branded clothing to produce more street-wear approved minimalist clothing for active men and women on the go.  The new direction has been applauded by industry insiders and fashion personalities all over the globe.



For us, the new direction is a welcome change. We love the look and feel of the clothing, and we were happy to see that Bench. didn’t stray too far away from their roots as at it’s core the brand still caters to fashionable individuals looking for stylish active clothing that can be worn in multiple situations.


For Autumn and Winter 2016, the campaign highlights key looks that play on the textured, layered and cozy look. For men, the collection embodies a “Given to the Wild” mood, with pieces taking on a handmade, crafted feel.  For women, the collection is comfortable, functional and easy to wear from day to night.


The new campaign was shot in Vancouver by celebrated photographer Candace Meyer and features the new looks with the same stylish functionality Bench. fans have come to expect.


Take a look and let us know if you’re as down with Bench. as we are!