The 10 Best Brunch Spots in Vancouver

Check out the top 10 brunch spots in the windy wet city and remember to throw some extra change into your pocket for big shiny bus that is ultimately bringing you home.

Sunday morning. Yawn. Is there anything that gets you up and out of bed quicker on a rainy morning, than the thought of brunch? Just the name of that in between meal conjures up a mash up of sweet, savoury, crunchy, crispy, spicy and greasy. Pull on those rubber boots, grab an umbrella and know that a delicious brunch will always cure what ails you, especially if you were hanging in Gastown last night!

Even in the line-ups you can hear impatient patrons arguing over the best brunch spots to visit – the top rated locations are numerous, scattered all over the city and all vying for the attention of your appetites and wallets.

10. Medina Cafe


Located in the downtown Library District, the cuisine is Mediterranean inspired and the crowd eclectic. The line-ups are not reserved for weekends and are more like attending a ‘happening’ outside the L’Hermitage Hotel. The concierge will politely nod as you helplessly stare through the window at the dwindling display of Belgium waffles made daily by Chef Deniz Tarakcioglu.

Image via @medinacafe

9. Nuba


Founded in 2003 by Victor Bouzide, Nuba is synonymous with the exotic cuisine of Lebanon. Organic and local when available, the meat is clean, with food and juices made to order. Hearty fare for the most hungover with a large vegan selection.

Image via @nubatown

8. Edible Canada


A full service bistro that focuses on Canadian cuisine, this Granville Island eatery is elegant, chic and accessible. Start with a maple bacon Caesar and the popular duck fat frites, while you peruse the menu, then hit the retail store and pick-up a box of truffle flavoured sea salt before catching the Aquabus.

Image via @ediblecanada

7. The Tasting Room @ Secret Location


Executive Chef Montgomery Lau makes mini-plates of deliciousness that can only be described within your mind. Do not come expecting to gorge on grease but to have your soul satiated.

Image via

6. Belgard Kitchen


Venture into Railtown and be prepared to be awed by 90 year old The Settlement Building. Once alive with manufacturing, the building now houses a craft brewery and boutique winery. Whether your craving is simple radicchio salad with a gravlax add-on and a glass of Blasted Church or a simple customizable Health Nut Breakfast Bowl with avocado and goat cheese, you can always lay-down on the giant couch and nap.

Image via @belgardkitchen

5. Heirloom Restaurant

best brunch spots in vancouver

Follow the avocado Eggs Benedict with a raw dark chocolate brownie and an extra side of fresh strawberries and heaven is only a sin away! Heirloom is vegetarian and unapologetically so. The owners went meatless but they are far from kale pushers.

Image via @heirloomveg

4. Acorn

best brunch spots in vancouver

Award-winning veggie cuisine in the heart of Main Street is a destination for those who seek freshness, locally sourced ingredient and the ability to craft their dishes as vegan or gluten free.

Image via @acornvancouver

3. Tuc Craft Kitchen

best brunch spots in vancouver

If you want your dishes to be rustic, to hear the tearing of bread, feel the comfort of a noisy but cozy room, and then travel to Gastown to Tuc. Curious flavoured coffees and the crispiest chicken and waffles live here.

Image via @tuccraftkitchen

2. La Mezcaleria

best brunch spots in vancouver

Over on Commercial Drive, this little taste of Mexico will assist you in pairing your savoury brunch choice made with locally sourced ingredients, ocean-friendly seafood, and gluten-free dishes with their infamous selection of mescal and tequila.

Image via @lamezcaleriayvr

1. Yolks on East Hastings

best brunch spots in vancouver

When the Brave Bull House of Steak closed in East Vancouver, the carnivores lament could be heard across the land. Yolks has 2 locations and a popular food truck, no reservations and a limited time frame for fans to indulge in eggs done to perfection accompanied by locally sourced ingredients.

Image via @yolksbreakfast

Are you still thinking about rolling over and grabbing some cold pizza later from the kitchen? Why oh why? Jump up, pull on your cleanest dirty jeans and head to the transit stop – deliciousness awaits you just around the corner.

Should any other restaurants be on our list of the best brunch spots in Vancouver?

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